Welcome to National Innovations on Climate Resilient Agriculture, Indian Agricultural Research Institute

Lead Institute: Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi

Name(s) and Designation(s) of Team

S. No.




Work to be done

1 Dr. H Pathak Professor & Principal Scientist CESCRA Mitigation, adaptation and coordination
2 Dr. S.D.Singh Head & Principal Scientist
CESCRA Adaptation, impact assessment
4 Dr. Madan Pal Singh Principal Scientist Division of Plant Physiology Adaptation, Physiological analysis
5 Dr. Subhash Chander Principal Scientist Division of Entomology Vulnerability, adaptation to insects
6 Dr. A Chaudhary Principal Scientist CESCRA Vulnerability and mitigation
7 Dr. S Naresh Kumar  Principal Scientist CESCRA Impact assessment
8 Dr. A Bhatia Principal Scientist CESCRA GHG emission and mitigation
9 Dr. Niveta Jain Principal Scientist CESCRA GHG emission, mitigation and adaptation

Dr. Ranjeet Ranjan Kumar

Scientist Division of Biochemistry Adaptation, Biochemical analysis
11 Dr. M Khanna Principal Scientist Division of WTC Water management for adaptation
12 Dr. Parimal Sinha Principal Scientist Division of Plant Pathology Vulnerability, adaptation to diseases
13 Dr. T.J.Purakayastha Principal Scientist Division of SSAC Mitigation, C sequestration
14 Dr. V.K.Sehgal Principal Scientist Division of Agril. Physics Real time monitoring of crop conditions
15 Dr. G.P.Singh Principal Scientist Division of Genetics Wheat phenotyping and evaluation
16 Dr. S Gopalakrishnan Senior Scientist Division of Genetics Rice phenotyping and evaluation
17 Dr. B Chakrabarti Scientist CESCRA C and nutrient dynamics
18 Dr. R.N.Padaria Principal Scientist Division of Agril. Ext. On-farm demonstration
19 Dr. D.K. Singh  Principal Scientist WTC Water and energy management
20 Dr. G. Jha  Senior Scientist Division of Economics Economic evaluation
21 Dr. Rajiv Kaushik  Senior Scientist Division of Micro Biology Microbial studies
22 Dr. SK Bandyopadhyay  Principal Scientist CESCRA On-farm demonstration
23 Dr. TK Das  Principal Scientist Division of Agronomy Agronomy for mitigation and adaptation
24 Dr. Neelu Jain  Scientist Division of Genitics Wheat phenotyping and evaluation