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Dr. Subhash Chander

Name: Dr. Subhash Chander
Designation: Principal Scientist
E-mail: schander@iari.res.in_







Specialization: Insect Pest Management (IPM)- Insect Ecology, Crop-Pest Modelling, Climate Change

Research Interests:

Dr. Subhash has contributed in simulation of crop-pest interactions, development of insect population simulation models, climate change impact assessment on pests and pest management adaptations to climate change. Development and validation of InfoCrop model for simulating crop-pest interactions and application in pest management. Analyzed effect of climatic variability and climate change on insect-pests. Devised sequential sampling plans and established economic injury levels (EILs) for rice, wheat and mustard pests. Also determine multi species EILs for rice pests. Agro-ecological zoning of stem borer and planthopper incidence in rice using pest-weather models and GIS.

Recent Publications: