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Dr. V. K. Sehgal

Name: Dr. V. K. Sehgal
Designation: Principal Scientist
E-mail: sehgal@iari.res.in







Specialization: Remote sensing of crops and atmosphere, Crop-weather interaction and modeling, Drought Management, Climate change impact studies and Simulation Modelling

Research Interests:

Dr. Sehgal has contributed in Assessment and mapping of vulnerability of agriculture to climate change in Indo-Gangetic Plains of India. Variability, hotspots and long term trends in climatic parameters in relation to agriculture. Modelling impact assessment of climate change on crops. Real time monitoring of crop condition against short term climatic stresses.

Recent Publications:

1. Sehgal, V.K., Jain, S., Aggarwal, P.K. and Jha, S. (2011). Deriving Phenology Metrics and Their Trends Using Times Series of NOAA-AVHRR NDVI Data, J. Indian Soc. Remote Sens. 39(3):373-381.


2. Gupta, A., Tyagi, p. and Sehgal, V.K. (2011). Drought disaster challenges and mitigation in India: strategic appraisal, Current Science 100 (12): 1795 – 1796.


3. Pradhan, S., Sehgal, V.K., Das, D.K. and Singh, R. (2011). Meteorological Drought Analysis of IARI Station for Kharif Season (1951-2009), J. of Agrometeorology 13(1): 68-71.


4. Gupta, A., Nair, S. and Sehgal, V.K. (2009). Hydro-meteorological disasters and climate change: conceptual issues and data needs for integrating adaptation into environment - development framework, Earth Science India, 2(II): 117 – 132.


5. Vatsa, K. Sehgal, V.K., Kumar, S. and Mall, R.K. (2009) Manual for Drought Management. Department of Agriculture & Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture, India.