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Dr. Himanshu Pathak

Name: Dr. Himanshu Pathak
Designation: Professor & Principal Scientist
Phone: 011-25842986, 9899247590
E-mail: hpathak.iari@gmail.com









Specialization: Climate Change, Soil Science, Simulation Modelling

Educational And Professional History:

Scientific Contribution:

Dr. Pathak is the Principal Investigator, Climate Change Challenge Programme at IARI, New Delhi. He has contributed significantly in quantification of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission from soil, evaluation of the effects of management practices and biotic and abiotic factors on GHG emission and development of inventories of methane and nitrous oxide emission from Indian agriculture. His research has helped in rationalizing the estimates of GHG emission from Indian agriculture. He has developed simulation models such as InfoSoil, InfoFert, InfoCrop, TechnoGAS and InfoRCT for predicting the impacts of management and climate on crop yield and optimizing resource use for increasing production and minimizing environmental pollution

Awards & Recognitions:

Dr. Pathak is Fellow of the Indian National Science Academy (FNA), National Academy of Agricultural Sciences (FNAAS) and West Bengal Academy of Science and Technology (FWAST). He is the recipient of the Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship of Germany, Dr. B.C. Deb Memorial Award of the Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA), Golden Jubilee Commemoration Young Scientist Award of the Indian Society of Soil Science, BOYSCAST Fellowship of Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, Young Scientist Award and Prof. S.K. Mukherjee Commemoration Award of ISCA. He was the President of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences Section of Indian Science Congress. Currently he is the Editor-in-Chief, Current Advances in Agricultural Sciences, Editor, Greenhouse gases: Science and Technology and Editor, Indian Journal of Agronomy.


He has published more than 150 research papers and 9 books and has h-index of 41, i10-index of 90 with more than 5000 citations in international literature.

Five Selected Publications:

1. Pathak H, N. Jain, A. Bhatia, J. Patel, P.K. Aggarwal (2010) Carbon footprints of Indian food items. Agric. Ecosys. Environ. 139: 66–73.


2. Pathak H (2010) Mitigating greenhouse gas and nitrogen loss with improved fertilizer management in rice: Quantification and economic assessment. Nutr. Cycling Agroecosys. 87: 443-454.


3. Pathak H, Mohanty S, Jain N and Bhatia A (2010) Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium budgets in Indian agriculture. Nutr. Cycling Agroecosys. 86:287-299.


4. Pathak H, Byjesh, K., Chakrabarti, B., Aggarwal, P.K. (2011) Potential and cost of carbon sequestration in Indian agriculture: Estimates from long-term field experiments. Field Crops Res. 120:102–111.


5. Pathak H, Sankhyan S, Dubey DS, Bhatia A and Jain N (2013) Dry direct-seeding of rice for mitigating greenhouse gas emission: Field experimentation and simulation. Paddy Water Environ. 11:593–601.