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Dr. Niveta Jain

Name: Dr. Niveta Jain
Designation: Principal Scientist
E-mail: nivetajain@gmail.com







Specialization: Greenhouse gases (GHG) emission, climate change adaptation and GHG mitigation, Natural resource management

Research Interests:

Dr. Jain has made significant contribution in quantification of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission from different  field crops, vegetables and different management practices (nutrient, water, NI, LCC)  and development of inventories of methane, nitrous oxide and other air pollutants emission from crop residues burning in agriculture sector. She has also contributed in development of inventories of methane and nitrous oxide emission from Indian agriculture. She has evaluated the influences of various nitrification inhibitors on emission of methane and nitrous oxide from soil and different water management practices for GHG mitigation. Her research has helped development of emission coefficient of nitrous oxide specific to India, scaling factors for different management practices in rice wheat and reducing the uncertainty in GHG inventories. Dr. Jain is also working for estimation of carbon footprints of different foods during their life cycle by LCA approach. Dr. Jain is a Faculty Member of the Post Graduate School of IARI since 2001 and actively involved in teaching various courses of Environmental Science for M.Sc. and Ph.D. students. She has supervised 3 M.Sc. students.

Recent Publications:

1. Jain N., H. Pathak, Mitra S, Bhatia A. (2004) Emission of methane from rice fields- a review. J Scientific and Industrial Research, 63, pp101-115.


2. Pathak H. Jain N., Bhatia A., Patel J., Aggarwal P.K., Carbon footprints of Indian food items, Agriculture Ecosystem and environment, 2010 . 139: 66–73.


3. Pathak H, Jain N.• Bhatia A.• Mohanty S, Gupta N, (2009) Global warming mitigation potential of biogas plants in India. Environ Monit Assess 157:407-418.


4. Bhatia, A. Pathak, H., Jain, N., Singh, P. K., Tomer, R. (2011). Greenhouse gas mitigation in rice–wheat system with leaf color chart-based urea application, Environ Monit Assess DOI 10.1007/s10661-011-2174-8.


5. Bhatia A, Sasmal S., Jain N., Kumar R. and Singh A., Mitigating nitrous oxide emissions from zero till and conventionally tilled soils in wheat , Agriculture Ecosystem and environment, 136 (2010) 247–253. 2.