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Dr. S. Naresh Kumar

Name: Dr. S. Naresh Kumar
Designation: Principal Scientist
E-mail: nareshkumar.soora@gmail.com







Specialization: Climate Change and Simulation Modelling

Research Interests:

Dr. Naresh has contributed in Climate Change Impact and Adaptation Assessments, Crop Simulation Modelling and Eco-physiology of crops.

Recent Publications:

1. Naresh Kumar, P. K. Aggarwal, Swaroopa Rani, Surabhi Jain, Rani Saxena and Nitin Chauhan (2011). Impact of climate change on crop productivity in Western Ghats, coastal and northeastern regions of India. Current Sci. 101 (3):33-42.


2. Aditi Srivastava, S. Naresh Kumar and Pramod Kumar Aggarwal (2010). Assessment on vulnerability of sorghum to climate change in India. Agric. Ecosyst. Environ. Doi:10.1016/j.agee.2010.04.012;. 138:160-169.


3. Kattarkandi Byjesh, S. Naresh Kumar and Pramod Kumar Aggarwal (2010). Simulating impacts, potential adaptation and vulnerability of maize to climate change in India. Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change. DOI 10.1007/s11027-010-9224-3; 15:413-431.


4. Naresh Kumar, S., Kasturi Bai, K. V. Rajagopal V. and Aggarwal, P.K. 2008. Simulating coconut growth, development and yield using InfoCrop-coconut model. Tree Physiology, 28:1049–1058.


5. Naresh Kumar, S., Rajagopal V.,Cherian, V.K., Siju Thomas, T., Sreenivasulu, B., Nagvekar, D.D., Hanumanthappa, M., Bhaskaran, R., Vijaya Kumar, K., Ratheesh Narayanan, M.K. and Amarnath, C.H. (2009). Weather data based descriptive models for prediction of coconut yield in different agro-climatic zones of India. Indian J. Hort. 66 (1): 88-94.