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Dr. Bidisha Chakrabarti

Name: Dr. Bidisha Chakrabarti
Designation: Scientist
E-mail: bidisha2@yahoo.com







Specialization: Climate Change Impact on Crops and Adaptation Strategies

Research Interests:

Dr. Bidisha has contributed significantly in Climate change impact on crops and adaptation strategies, Impact of climate change on pollen sterility, Modelling impact of climate change on crop and soil, Carbon sequestration of soil, Options for low carbon agriculture, Air pollution.

Recent Publications:

1. Chakrabarti, B., Singh, S.D., Nagarajan, S. and Aggarwal, P.K. (2011) Impact of temperature on phenology and pollen sterility of wheat varieties. Aus. J. Crop Sci. 5(8): 1039-1043.


2. Chakrabarti, B., Aggarwal, P.K., Singh, S.D., Nagarajan, S., and Pathak, H. (2010) Impact of high temperature on pollen germination and spikelet sterility in rice: Comparison between basmati and non-basmati varieties. Crop and Pasture Science. Vol.61: 363-368.


3. Banerjee, B., Aggarwal, P. K., Pathak, H., Sing, A. K., Chaudhary, A. (2006) Dynamics of organic carbon and microbial biomass in typic haplustept soils as influenced by tillage and amendments in rice-wheat systems. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 119:173-189


4. Boomiraj, K., Chakrabarti, B., Aggarwal, P.K., Choudhary, R. and Chander, S. (2010) Assessing the vulnerability of Indian mustard to climate change. Ag. Ecos. & Env. 138:265-273.


5. Pathak, H., Byjesh, K., Chakrabarti, B. and Aggarwal, P.K. (2010) Potential and cost of carbon sequestration in Indian agriculture: Estimates from long-term field experiments. Field Crops Res. 120: 102-111.